Wildwood Passes “Saggy Pants Ban” – Who will pull up their pants?

 Wildwood City Commissioners pass “Saggy Pants Ban” after 8pm

So the only question is who will enforce this law?  the police? the saggy pants inspectors? People who violate the ban will face fines ranging from $25 to $200.  Considering on a Saturday night in the summer there will be 20 kids a boardwalk block who will be in violation of saggy pants and showing underwear or “skin” and half of them you will have to catch while they’re laughing at you running off the boardwalk!!  Better call in back up ” we have 10 kids running off the boardwalk with saggy pants and underwear showing” forget it they just ran onto the N Wildwood boardwalk with their saggy pants and there is no saggy pants law there. HA!!

saggy pants

I like the fact that the city is trying to clean up its act and consider what family’s want to see while they are walking down the boardwalk and I guess seeing pot leaves on t shirts that cost $25.00 is not offensive, or how about shops full of bongs, pipes and counterfeit goods, or maybe the nut case who stands on the city bench at Wildwood Ave and the boardwalk every night with head phones on and thinks he can sing, he is also annoying.

I applaud the city fathers for trying to make a difference,  but the fact is the city has many other serious problems to deal with than saggy pants, the kids are not going to dress different or pull up their pants just when they are on the Wildwood Boardwalk, this will just chase more kids off the boardwalk and the stores will have less business,  if you want to chase the kids off the boardwalk just play their parents music over the loud speakers,,,..and see how fast they run off the boardwalk!!  I guarantee it !!

I hope there is not a law against high heels and daisy dukes on the boardwalk after 8 pm?  I just want to say that does not offend me!! 




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