Watch The Tram Car Please

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Ride the Wildwood, New Jersey Boardwalk Tramcar,
and you will hear the most famous saying in New Jersey:
!! “Watch The Tramcar Please” !!



Wildwood New Jersey is a  beautiful island with 5 miles of  FREE Wildwood NJ Beaches and  the world famous Wildwood Boardwalk with 2 miles of stores, games, amusements, and  you can eat some great boardwalk food at Wildwood Boardwalk Restaurants, but please don’t forget to ride the World Famous Boardwalk Tramcar and you will hear the most famous saying in New Jersey  “watch the tramcar please”


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June 2008 the Wildwoods Boardwalk tram cars’ celebrated their 60th year, a ride on the famous trams was just 10 cents one-way , the same fare charged in 1949 when the trams made their debut.

Patrick Rosenello, executive director of the Boardwalk Special Improvement District, which operates the trams, said the drastic fare reduction – the current rate is $2.50 each way – was a perfect way to acknowledge an important piece of Wildwoods history.

“I think the trams are synonymous with the Boardwalk,” Rosenello said, adding, “Not having the trams would be like taking the wood off the Boardwalk.”The yellow and blue trams have been traversing the boards since June 11, 1949.They were originally built for the 1939 New York World’s Fair and brought to Five Mile Beach by S.B. Ramagosa.

According to the book, “Wildwood By The Sea,” Ramagosa formed the Tram Car Amusement Company and “hired 18 young ladies” to drive the trams and collect the fares.

Rosenello is hoping some of those women or others who worked on the trams in those early years will come forward to join in the celebration.

The trams were known as trackless trains when they were unveiled in New York, and that led to the tram workers being known as drivers and conductors just as they would be on a train, Rosenello said.

See and Hear Floss Stingel the Voice of The Tram

We would like to thank Mrs Anna M Vinci President of the Wildwood Historical Society – The George Boyer Museum @ 3907 Pacific Ave, Wildwood NJ, 08260 for providing us with some memorable photo’s from the past,  all courtesy of The Wildwood Historical Society.