WIN a Free Autographed Copy of the New 2013 Wildwood Boardwalk Documentary “BOARDWALK II” DVD

Want to win a FEE Autographed copy of the NEW 2013 Boardwalk Documentary “BOARDWALK II” DVD

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Boardwalk II: Back to Wildwood, the sequel to the well-received 2004 documentary, Boardwalk: Greetings from Wildwood By-the-Sea, which has been aired frequently on PBS, is available now by calling 609-465-9968


Boardwalk II, a Boca Cape Films production, was filmed during Wildwood’s centennial year in 2012, and again follows admitted “Boardwalk rat” and narrator-host Bob Ingram on his daily traveks along Wildwood’s famous Boardwalk.


Ingram, in the new film, calls the two-mile stretch “a hall of memory and the human heart” and “ever-changing, yet eternally the same,” and Boardwalk II is a kinetic mixture of the old, traditional Boardwalk and the many new additions to this authentic American icon.

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