Winter in The WIldwoods – Still a Thrill

The summer is the time most people visit The Wildwoods and enjoy fun in the sun. The boardwalk is packed with tourist while you hear “watch the tramcar please” as the world famous Wildwood tramcar passes by and the air is filled with the smells of boardwalk food.


But the winter is my favorite time in “The Woods”. I was born in May of 1960 and in June my family took me to our summer home here. I spent every summer in “The Woods” until I was 15 when we moved here. That was the first time I experienced the winter in a place I spent every summer as a kid.


The first time I saw snow on the boardwalk I was amazed, I remember just standing there thinking I was dreaming, “this cannot be real, I must be dreaming this” I said to my self. I could not believe my eyes, snow covered beaches, roller coasters and rides coated in snow and of course the boardwalk like I have never seen it before, perfectly snow covered and no footprints.


That was 38 years ago and I still love spending my winters in “The Woods”  I do not want to go to Florida for the winter and sit on a hot sandy beach, no need for me to go to visit friends in St Thomas, South America or Aruba. I love Wildwood in the winter, it is favorite time of the year and always will be. I still get a thrill every year as the summer ends and the winter begins. See you snowbirds next summer!


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