Women of Wildwood Participate in Cape May Dragon Boat Races and Raise Funds in Memory of Local Friend and Neighbor

This past weekend the Women of Wildwood (WOW) participated in their first ever Dragon Boat Race competition in Cape May, NJ.

The team, comprised of 21 female crewmembers, raised money to donate a park bench and tree in memory of Michele Laffey, a friend and neighbor who passed away suddenly on November 11, 2012.

“The event was an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone involved,” said Kim Troiano, member of WOW. “And it was great opportunity to be able to raise money in memory of a local friend and neighbor who was also so involved and passionate about the community she lived in.”

During the event Matthew Swift, treasurer of the CapeBank charitable foundation, presented a check to WOW in the amount of $500 in support of their charitable efforts in the community.

WOW would like to thank CapeBank along with all of the local businesses, friends and families that made a donation.

“There are so many people within our own community that come upon hard times,” said Maggie Warner, WOW member. “And it makes me proud to be a part of a great community that is so willing to give back and assist those that are in need.”

About Women of Wildwood

The Women of Wildwood, (WOW), is a local women’s non-for profit organization founded in April 2012. The organization focuses on giving back to the community, providing support to local business partners, lending a helping hand to the local schools and families and promoting a positive attitude towards the Wildwoods as a whole.

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