You Can’t Control Evil or Gun’s.

The recent school shooting in Connecticut reminds me when my son was 6 years old and  The shootout occurred on April 20, 1999, when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed twelve students and a teacher, and wounded 23 others, before they both committed suicide. The massacre made headlines nationwide and around the world, making Columbine a household name, and causing a moral panic in American schools , I worried every minute of every day, listening to the radio all day at work, and if they cut into the program with important news I would pray it was not a school shooting.

There more gun stores in the USA than McDonalds

There are about 50,000 licensed firearms dealers in the US, which is far more than the 14,000 McDonald’s and over 200 million guns already on the streets. So what is the answer? sit around and wait for new legislation? control the mentally ill? Lock the doors? hide in a closet? run for your life? pray? hope? or just worry every day like we do now!

You can’t control Evil or Gun’s, the wacko out there will find a gun, steal it or buy it. and since guns are not biodegradable they will NEVER leave our society, EVER!!.. it doesn’t matter weather it is a bushmaster semiautomatic carbine, a military-style assault weapon like the one used in the Connecticut school shooting or a hand gun or shotgun, our schools have NO defense or offense.

What can be done now?

Today’s technology can help keep our children safe in this country, and it can be done cheap and NOW!

  1. Most schools have video surveillance, you can install pan/tilt/zoom cameras  ( about $1000 installed)  that can read a license plate 300ft away and it will notify you with motion detection when someone is near that camera or other cameras, and send a notice to your cell phone and connect you to the video so you can see who is there.
  2. Have retired volunteers monitor the surveillance system during school hours to see if someone is approaching the building with a weapon before they breach the building.
  3. Turn the closets in the classrooms into bullet proof safe rooms where the teacher and children can go after being warned by a siren and intercom message triggered by the person monitoring the surveillance system.


  1. There is a anti-theft system that can fill the hall ways with thick smoke and sleeping gas, it has been used overseas in cars for anti-thief in auto’s, steal the car and it fills with thick smoke so you cannot see anything or drive, so they leave the scene.
  2. There is a military system that shoots a thick glue web on a person and they cannot move after being sprayed, it’s like a real day spider man defense that can be shot remotely into a hallway.

What will happen in the future in our schools? the same thing over and over as long as we do noting about it, which seems what we have been doing since the Columbine school shooting. As parents we need to protect our kids without the help of the federal government, raise money and make our schools a safe place again for our children to go every day.. and be kids!

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