You Go, Girls!

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By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

Bigtime congrats to two local young women who have achieved athletic renown: first, to the Crest’s Maddie Peterson, 14, who landed a spot to train with the PacSun USA Surf Team and a chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional surfer. She’ll train with 20 other young people under 17 and made the team after finishing fourth in last month’s Surfing America USA Championships in San Clemente, Calif. We hope you don’t need it, but good luck!

North Wildwood rookie lifeguard Erin Regan beat last year’s two top swimmers to win the Cape May Point Women’s Lifeguard Challenge at St. Pete’s Beach, winning by seven seconds. That’s a big win.

Boardwalk Busts For Fake Pot

By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

All I can say is that it’s weird they should be selling synthetic pot on the Boardwalk after cops with dogs locked up six Wildlwood Boardwalk vendors. It’s weird because anybody and their brother who wants it can get the real deal. And cops with dogs is a little much … these are just kids, mostly, not arch criminals.

Now the guy at Seagars in Rio Grande they busted for the same thing sounds more truly criminal, what with 1,500 items of the synthetic stuff, plus 2 grand in cash and 11 firearms and drug paraphernalia (don’t you love that term?) Is he Mr. Big?