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The Boardwalk Blog’s Wildwood Nostalgia Series #3 – Motels of The Wildwoods.

The Wildwoods have come a long way from the majestic homes and hotels of the 1800’s, the 50’s era DooWop, to the homes of today. The Anglesea Hotel was the first hotel in the borough of Anglesea, built in 1880, and destroyed by a fire 15 years later. In 1885, the Hereford House was built. Wildwood’s first hotel was The Inlet House, built in the 1880s on what is now Rio Grande Avenue.


We jump to the post-war boom that produced the “Doo Wop,” “Googie,” “Populux” futuristic architecture. The Caribbean Motel was built in 1957 by Lou Morey. It’s known for its curving “Jetson” ramp, crescent shape pool, the island’s first plastic palm trees, and the oversized rooftop neon sign. North Wildwood had the Chateau Bleu Motel built by Morey in 1962. It’s known for the Doo Wop architecture, heart-shaped pool, and large Marquee sign. Many more popped up all over the Wildwoods.

One more that stands out in my memory as being as luxurious as any Hollywood motel, was the Thunderbird Inn, est.1953. Now that was a destination! More on that in future posts. The tragedy is how rapidly many of the motels came down to make way for the condos of today.

If returning to the same rental, or your home, it was exciting to explore to find out if an item you hid or buried, from the year before was still there. The anticipation was exhilarating!


I bet your childhood memories revolve around the summers spent in the Wildwoods and the places you stayed. In pics and/or words, tell us about your stay and the memories you made.

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We are proud to announce that we have hired a researcher and writer Helene Marley. She is writing a series about the nostalgia of the island. The Wildwood Nostalgia Series starts by coming into North Wildwood and takes you back to what we did on vacation in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Please follow us as we bring back memories from the best times of your life in text and pictures.


The Wildwood Nostalgia Series #1

The best memories of many a childhood revolved around the summer vacation “down the shore”.  To most of us from the Tri-State region, that meant “The Wildwoods”. Whether it was a day trip, a weekend, a week, a month or the entire summer, going to the Wildwoods was the most anticipated event of the year.

With the school year ended, Dad and Mom packed the car with the family and luggage for the road trip. The excitement mounted the closer the car got to the Wildwoods. First came the Fishing Shacks on stilts along Beach Creek. The 1919 Beach Creek Bridge was in sight along with the Coppertone billboard. As we passed over the bridge, we heard the sounds of the clickety-clack of each raised board bouncing under the tires. We always wondered if we would make it over the rickety bridge to make new friends and memories.

Post your favorite memory of the fishing shacks and rickety bridge.

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Photos and content compliments of The Wildwood Historical Society.