A Christmas card from Canada with a bigger story!

People always ask me why I promote the island I love mostly on my own time with a lot of help from other who also do it for free. This is the reason.. please read!

So, today I went to a great annual Christmas party at Gigi and Barbs house and when I came home my wife gave me a Christmas card someone sent us.The postmark said Canada and inside was a beautiful card from someone special.


This summer I received a call from my good friend Shelia from Summer Nites B&B saying a fan of The Boardwalk Blog was staying and renewing their marriage vows and wanted to meet me and join them at the ceremony and maybe I could take some photos. So I went and meet Carmen Champagne and her husband Vince and their family, they had a beautiful ceremony and complete with a wedding cake. I meet one of their relatives John who I found out went to West Catholic in Philly and we were in the same class.



Today I received a Christmas card from Carmen and Vince.It’s so nice of them to think of us during the holidays. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that we are reaching people from another country who love Wildwood like we do. I am still amazed and humbled by the loyal fans I meet who love following us! Thank you!


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