Advertise your business on the Wildwood Boardwalk Sun Shelters and Tramcars.

Advertising your business on the Wildwood Boardwalk, Ed Peahota is the guy you want to contact for advertising on The Sun Shelters you see all along the boardwalk from 17th Ave down past the Convention Center to Cresse Ave. Ed has done some really cool things with the advertisements he designed on the Sun Shelters over the years, As a matter of fact it was Ed and I and Tim Blute who managed to get the photo together to feature Lady Toni on one of the advertisements on the Sun Shelters some years back you may remember, He had on one side of the Sun Shelter an advertisement with a photo of young ladies with the caption “Love Wildwood” and the other side was a photo of our special Lady Toni with the same caption “Love Wildwood” which really shinned a light on her!, There were a number of stories done about her because of the Boardwalk advertisement, that was a nice thing we were able to do.

Ed Peahota has been involved in outdoor advertising over 40 years he even hand painted Frank Sinatra on billboards for the casinos his experience goes back that far, as an artist he has performed in Wildwood doing speed painting shows with live bands and he and his wife were two of the artist featured on Morey’s Piers Artbox he really is an expert when it comes to getting your business advertised and seen by millions of people and bringing your business potential new customers.

He even represents the advertisements you see on the Tramcars.

For more information on advertising on The Wildwood Boardwalk Sun Shelters for the 2024 Season call 856-981-1884 or visit

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