An official statement on the status of the Runaway Tram roller coaster by Morey’s Piers.

Dear Guests, Coaster Enthusiasts, and Fellow Seaside Park Aficionados:

We appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the Runaway Tram Coaster over the last several months and we realize the anticipation have many asking when the ride will be open for the season.

This new coaster is part of our 50th Anniversary celebration, and while we are disheartened it has taken so long to open, please know that we are working very hard to get it open for you to enjoy soon.

The custom nature of this ride has required intense regulatory engineering reviews and approvals. We could have purchased an off the shelf model that came with approvals but that is just not our style (and we don’t think it’s your style either) and we would not have been able to honor the iconic Tramcar that makes Wildwood such a fun and special place to visit.

Please know that we are working very closely with the State of New Jersey’s review authority, along with the coaster manufacturer Zierer, to expedite and complete the review so the ride can open as soon as possible.

We work with the State on all of our attractions and have great respect for their thoroughness in making sure all of our rides operate in a safe manner. We are just as anxious as you to ride the new coaster and as the saying goes, “Good things take time.”

This is going to be a great family attraction and we appreciate your patience as work on the final details and preparations.

Will and Jack Morey, 2nd Generation Partners

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