Atlantic City has tramcars, but they stole the Wildwood, NJ voice of the tramcar!

Oh no you did not! but yes they did. Atlantic City has new tramcars, but they are using our beloved voice of the tramcar which is the voice of Floss Stingel who recorded it in 1971.

Courtesy Wildwood Historical Society

Courtesy Wildwood Historical Society

 A few years ago they stole our DOO WW idea and started using DO AC after if was already out in a press release that Wildwood was using it.

The people and fans of Wildwood are not going to stand for you stealing our ideas and certainty not our voice of the tramcar.

Please call Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian at his office (609) 347-5400 and tell him we are not happy that they stole our tramcar voice and we want them to stop using it immediately.

You can send them an email here>

We will have a petition to sign online soon.

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