What is going on with the Large Sand Dunes on the Beach in North Widwood, New Jersey?

If you’ve been following us and have seen the many photos and videos of the large sand dunes on the beach in North Wildwood I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with them. Well we have the answer for you.

North Wildwood’s beach has large 30-40 ft sand dunes along the beach from 5th street to 12th street. So what are they doing there? Will they be new sand dunes? There are over 300,000 cubic yards of sand dunes on the beach and they will be used to level off the beach and not used as sand dunes. They will be used to fill in the beach with sand that has been lost by storms from mother nature. In a few weeks they will start spreading the sand along the beach getting it ready for our summer visitors! Stay with us for the latest news and info from Wildwood, NJ.

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