Wildwood, NJ Icon Sam Spera from Sam’s Pizza legend lives on in a special way by Steve Szczur

This story begins over 30 years ago when I met Sam. I started out helping him mix the dough and make the sauce. Did you happen to notice the photo with this post? The one of the cup with the small line in it? We will get to that in a minute. Over the last 30 plus years Sam was many things to me. A man of few words but he said what he meant. I knew him as a stern businessman, A father-in-law, a father figure,a friend, a grandfather to my children, and even my roommate for some time. A man Who earned respect through hard work and great pizza.The cup, the importance of that cup that small line represents a precise measurement when making the sauce. Back 30 years ago when I would help him and it was time to make “the sauce“ , He made it but I helped. One of the ingredients is oregano but it was not measured by the ounce or by the cup he would simply grab two handfuls and put it in. Sounds simple enough right? But here’s the thing ,everyone’s hands are different so after some years of me helping him and he finally let me make it on my own he told me “just put two handfulls in”I said but Sam my hands are different than yours so I had him grab two handfuls of oregano and throw them into a cardboard box I took the box and dumped it into a cup and said here Sam look this is two of your hand full of oregano. I put a small line with a marker on the inside of the cup where it was full to. Over the years I have gone through many cups but always take a cup when it is new and put a small mark inside that represents two of “Sams hands“. So you see ,Sam may be gone now to a better place but his two hands still take part of every pie that Sams Pizza makes. Rest In Peace Sir you were loved and are missed by many.

By Steve Szczur

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