BREAKING NEWS: There will be 3 Car Show Displays LIMITED to 50 vehicles per show this weekend.

Wildwood NJ Fall Boardwalk Classic Car Show just made this announcment!

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EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT !!! READ THIS ENTIRE POST PLEASE The “Downtown Wildwood Property and Business Owners” DONATED FOR FREE their lots so we can have 3 “car show displays” over the weekend. There will be 3 displays LIMITED to 50 vehicles per show. ————————————————-The shows will be on the corner of PACIFIC and SCHELLENGERSHOW #1 : will be 3PM to 5PM Friday the 25thSHOW #2 : will be 10AM to 2PM Saturday the 26th (During The Farmers Market which is 8AM until 1230PM – so get some food)SHOW #3 : will be 4PM to 6PM Saturday the 26th—————————————————YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE ON DISPLAY DURING THE DURATION OF THE TIME THE SHOW IS ——————————————————THERE IS NO COST !!!!!NOTE : with it being LIMITED it will you MUST message me with your name and a picture of your vehicle , I will then give you a number , entering and leaving will be orchestrated as best as possible as WE WILL NOT HAVE TRAFFIC CONTROL. There are about 25 spots on the grass and 25 on pavement. You will enter from Pacific Ave to enter the grass lot. You will enter the paved lot from Schellenger.Message me with the show you would like to attend and if you want the grass or paved lot. I will do my best to accommodate. I am doing this alone so give me time to respond. I will respond to the messages the order I receive them in. YOU MUST MESSAGE ME , NOT COMMENT OR ANYTHING ELSE. NO VEHICLES WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE LOTS UNLESS THE NAME AND NUMBER MATCH WHAT I TOLD YOU AND YOU BRING THE VEHICLE YOU SENT ME A PICTURE OF Come check out the displayed vehicles and spend some money at the local businesses , they deserve it for lending us their lots. Make sure you thank them as well.AND OF COURSE : NO BURNOUTS , CLEAN UP YOUR GARBAGE , BE COURTEOUS TO THE OWNERS THAT DONATED THEIR PROPERTY FOR US TO USE

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