Chuck Mussachio Wins last night in Atlantic City

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Chuckie Sends Bill Bailey Home

By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

Saturday night at Bally’s, Wildwood’s own Chuck “The Professor” Mussachio spent the better part of the evening bouncing punches off the head of Bill Bailey,  now 11-15-4 KO, who traveled all the way from Bakersfield, California, to be the sacrificial lamb for The Professor’s first fight after being knocked out by Garrett Wilson last year in the last round of a fight Chuckie had all wrapped up.

Bailey took all Mussachio’s best shots, and the only discernible results were that he grinned and nodded in approbation, as if saying,”Good shot, bro.” And there were lots of good shots, and  – most important – no knockout hangover. Chuckie was sharp and got in lots of much-needed rounds after the layoff, giving up trying to stop the bulldog Bailey even after putting him down briefly with a sharp right hand in the second round. Afterwards, the Professor said his hands weren’t strong enough to put Bailey away, referring to ongoing hand problems he’s had.


Chuckie basically let it all hang out, throwing triple hooks, sophisticated check hooks, and put on something of a defensive show in the penultimate seventh round, slipping, dodging, and catching a lot of would-be left hooks on his right glove, which he kept cocked by his ear all evening.

Welcome back, dude. You looked good.