Curley’s Fries Will Open This Weekend on The Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk.

We have been receiving 100’s of messages about eateries opening on the Wildwood Boardwalk. We’ll one of the most questions we received from fans is when will Curley’s Fries open. THIS WEEKEND is opening day!

The fries are made with fresh potatoes, sliced into thick crinkle cut form and oiled to perfection. When you receive them, they are burning hot enough that you have to take it easy for the first couple of bites…no easy thing to do when that bucket is sitting there in front of you. The fries have just the right crunch on the outside and a nice fluffiness on the inside.

There is a small picnic area where patrons can sit and enjoy their fries; it’s got concrete tables and is covered by a net to protect people from seagull

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