Weather you believe it or not, the answer is YES. It’s the only one in the garden state.

Not to worry, it’s not near the Jersey Shore it’s in Sussex County. It was active about 440 million years ago, it’s known as the Beemerville volcano.

There’s a road in Wantage, New Jersey called Volcanic Hill and like Sunset Drive, Ocean Boulevard or Main Street, it’s name identifies where it is.

Yes, Volcanic Hill Road leads to the top of a volcano in New Jersey.

In the quiet landscapes of Sussex County, New Jersey, lies an ancient volcanic relic known as the Beemerville Volcano, or Rutan Hill. This site, located about 2.46 miles south-southwest of Colesville in Wantage Township, unveils a dormant chapter of Earth’s fiery past within the confines of the Garden State.

Despite its tranquil present, this geological landmark hails from an era around 420 million years ago when volcanic activity was a part of New Jersey’s natural narrative. Though lacking a crater, the remnants of this volcano stretch over a substantial area, with eroded remains spanning over 1,500 feet in diameter, silently narrating tales of a bygone fiery temperament, replaced with single-family homes and green lawns.

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