Entire Boardwalk Block Sold for 6.2 Million

The boardwalk block between Glenwood and Maple Aves has been sold for 6.2 million dollars.

According to the listing: The Existing 3 Story Structure With 15,000 SF Floor Plates is Located in the BA – Boardwalk Amusement Zoning, Which Allows For Maximum Flexibility in Use, Including Retail and Hotels Up To 6 Stories. The Existing Retail Tenants Generate Almost $450,000 in Gross Revenue, Making the Property an Excellent Covered Land Play While Redevelopment Plans are Approved

After we searched New Jersey’s Public record we found out that the block was sold to Wildwood Hospitality Group for 6.2 million. No news yet on what the new owners plan on doing with this property. Follow us for updates only at watchthetramcarplease.com

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