Everyone should block Felix Stepnowski, he is a Social Media Terrorist – Here is how you do it

So Felix Stepnowski has been terrorizing Wildwood, NJ social media pages for over a year. I tried to cut him some slack but now I lost my patience with this asshole.

He makes a lot of false claims like. I’m taking his pics ( which I never did),  saying inappropriate things about The Wildwoods and our mayor. I caught him stealing other people photos and now I called him out on our Facebook group page here> The Woods- The Wildwoods 

So now I urge everyone who reads this to BLOCK Felix Stepnowski and here is how to do it. Go to his page here > Felix Stepnowski

and block him by going to his page and clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of his cover photo and choose BLOCK.  Enjoy the black hole you about to fall into Felix Stepnowski.

He is a cop hater according to post on his page and I don’t like cop haters. He is also an ignorant, arrogant, lying looser and will post inappropriate comments on your page. Let’s teach this hater a lesson and BLOCK him!

He tries to be a bully, but he picked the wrong guy this time because I’m not afraid of him or anyone else. I’ll be looking for this asshole walking around town with his camera and the dirt cloud around him. Now you got what you wanted Felix Stepnowski, you’re famous for being a loser!

Written by Tony Deutsch

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