Exclusive NEW VIDEO of Morey’s Fears !!

My wife and I had the chance to attend The Morey’s Fears Media event, you cannot take photos or videos of the event but we had the exclusive inside look at the dress rehearsal and we were allowed to take some great shots you will see no where else!


We started out walking past the creepy Merry -Go-Round turning backwards, then to the left there is the Tea Cups if you can get to them past the zombies surrounding it, them dared to go thru “Carnevil” where my wife didn’t want to go in, she doesn’t like to be scared, but we both did and it was “EVIL”


The “Ghost Ship” looked great in the dark like it was floating on the water, the Ferris wheel was lite in red and “Felix the Barker” was greeting.. I mean eating the guest as they arrived !

Now on to the Terror trench which was so scary that I cannot talk about it because I don’t want to give any secrets away but I can tell you that you walk inside the dark River Adventure that’s really to cool!!

I walked down to the “Cornstalkers” an amazing maze of thousands of cornstalks as my wife and I walked down to take pictures I saw my old friend Will Morey Jr (we lived and worked together in Puerto Rico in 1979) and we stopped to talk to him and congratulated him on the transformation his in house team of employees did turning Morey’s Piers into Morey’s Fears.

My wife did not want to go into “Cornstalkers” all she keep saying was ” is it scary” I said ” I hope so” and it is a long walk with terrifying Scarecrows and professional props that will blow your mind, my opinion is this alone is worth the admission!!


Go to www.moreysfears.com for more  information

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