Want to Learn How to Backup Contacts on an Android Phone?



The Android phone is a smartphone powered by Google’s Android operating system.is a one of a kind smartphone operating systems in that its producers encourage open development and collaboration within the OS itself. Additionally, the Android-powered phone is configured to be in constant communication with a user’s Google account. This allows Android users to keep data such as emails, tasks and their calender close at hand. Additionally, the phone’s “Contacts” list is available within Gmail and can be backed up from there and stored in a safe place.

Follow these easy steps :


Step 1

Ensure that Data Synchronization is active by tapping “Settings,” “Data synchronization” and then “Contacts.” Confirm that the “Auto-Sync” option is checked. If it is not, select this option and then return to the main menu.

Step 2

Access Gmail through your Web browser in the usual manner.

Step 3

Click the “Contacts” link in the upper left-hand side of the Gmail interface.

Step 4

Click the small white check-box beside each contact that you would like to back up.

Step 5

Click the “More Actions” tab and then click “Export.”

Step 6

Click the “Google CVS format” option.

Step 7

Click “Export.” The contacts data will appear in your Web browser’s “Downloads” section.

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