Feels like fall in The Wildwoods

Today was a quiet day on the Wildwood Boardwalk, this time of year is my favorite with cool fall mornings and sunny warm inviting afternoons with a quiet bike ride and my camera  through the lens I see sleeping amusement rides and Ferris Wheel that stopped turning day and night until the

2013 season.

I see the seagulls looking for expecting tourist with food as the birds above head south for the winter, so do many boardwalk shop owners and locals alike,  most looking to spend the winter in South Florida till next year.  I love the seasons changing and the look of the boardwalk and the landscape as it hibernates for the  winter months.

The Wildwoods are still packed with tourist and events on weekends until November, but during the week is when you should be here.. this is what it looks like !!

Until my next blog.. watch the tramcar please !!!



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