Surf’s Up This Summer at Splash Zone Water Park

 Wildwood, NJ. (May 23, 2013)Each year there is something new along the Wildwood Boardwalk as businesses continue to appeal to the nine million tourists that embark on the island each summer. This year, the talk of the town, or rather the East Coast, is the new $1.9 million Flow House® at www.splashzonewaterpark.com.One of only five in the world, Flow House emulates a California, surf-infused lifestyle with hot food, cool drinks (sans alcohol), great music and relaxing cabanas, and at the center of it all – the FlowRider Double®. By day, Flow House is a new amenity to Splash Zone guests. Connected to the rest of the water park through an open walkway, Flow House is a great place to relax, soak up some rays, grab a bite, and of course enjoy an up close and personal view of the FlowRider in action. By night, after the park closes, the Flow House turns into a nightclub atmosphere with a private entrance. Some will come with their friends to shred on the FlowRider Double and others will come to simply hang out and enjoy the show – wipeouts included! On certain Wednesday nights, Flow House will feature entertainment, music and dancing.


Designed by California-based Waveloch®, the FlowRider Double offers endless waves generated by thousands of gallons of water pumped across a 40-foot inclined surface. Just below the water current is a tensioned composite membrane surface that acts much like a trampoline to absorb even the nastiest wipeouts.

FlowRider Photo

The act of flow boarding is best described as a hybrid form of board sport, bringing together concepts and moves from surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding.  Anyone over 42² in height can body board under the guidance of the Flow House operators – a great way to learn in a safe and controlled environment. The more advanced and adventurous can use the standup flowboards.


Flow boarding is an emerging force in the world of action sports and Splash Zone Water Park is listed on the official 2013 US Flow Boarding Pro/Am Tour on August 29th.


“I’ve been considering a new attraction for a while,” commented owner Andy Weiner. “We decided to create an entertainment venue, something different on the Boardwalk, so we built the venue centered around the FlowRider.”


Splash Zone Water Park delivers more than 20 major water attractions, 50 interactive water play encounters, and 300,000 gallons of wet playtime. Main attractions include Close Encounters – a customizable waterslide holograms, pulsating music, lights and sound effects, Beast of The East, the only five-person raft ride on the East Coast, and the signature 1,000-gallon tipping Giant Bucket suspended seven stories above those below awaiting its exhilarating downpour. National Aquatic Safety Company certified lifeguards ensure a safe environment is maintained. Free lifejackets and sunscreen are available to all guests!


For more information or to purchase water park season passes or tickets, visit www.splashzonewaterpark.com or call 609.729.5600.


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