Happy Easter From all of us at Watch the Tramcar Please

Easter is the holiest of religious holidays. For the Wildwoods, it also represents the beginning of a new summer season. It is a bird’s eye view of the summer that awaits us. The preparations for this holiday weekend bring a renewed spirit to the Jersey Shore. We witness all that the island has to offer its residents and visitors.

As a child, this was the most anticipated weekend of the year. You went “down the shore,” your first visit since the Labor Day weekend. You went to see the beach and boardwalk. You knew that school would end soon and all your summer dreams would soon come true.

Over the years it has evolved into an elaborate weekend of family fun. Businesses reopen, the boardwalk comes back to life, numerous fun-filled events are strategically spread out over the weekend. Easter egg hunts are supported by different organizations. The piers become operational and you can obtain pier tickets and passes at discounted rates.

So enjoy your Easter weekend. Participate in the holiday activities, and secure your summer accommodations.  There is nothing that can compare to a Wildwood vacation!

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