New East Side Store to open where Sand Jamm was at 2701 Boardwalk

 Jim and Dan Schindler will be opening their third location where Sand Jamm was at 2701 boardwalk called “East Side”. They are taking over the 1st floor and Capt’n Jacks is taking over the 2nd floor with a new large oceanview dining room that will seat about 250.
Jim and Dan have operated in the Boardwalk Mall for over 25 years and we will continue to run those store for the 2018 season in the newly renovated mall.  They also have a Sun Glass store next to the Hot Spot Restaurant at 3407 Boardwalk.
Construction on the store will begin on April 2 with a plan to open by 5/1.  They will be open every day thereafter, weather permitting. 
East Side will sell sports, surf, and eye-wear as well as our own line T-shirts that focuses on Philadelphia’s sports teams and personalities.
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