How I spent my Halloween In The Wildwoods.

Today was a rainy day in The Wildwoods, the day after Halloween. Last night I spent my night with my Aunt Bobbie who lives on 22nd Ave in North Wildwood. My uncle passed away a few months ago and she has been all alone and wanted some company. My wife, my son and I went to her house along with my cousin Dean and her neighbor Amy. Then my cousin Steven’s wife Donna Deritis walked in and I said ” nice costume Donna,, the wicked witch of the west? ” She laughed and smiled and I said ” “come here and let me hug the witch”. I ask where Steven was and she said sleeping on the couch.. and my aunt said to Dean ” text him and tell him I want him to come here and eat”. Steven showed up about 20 minutes later. Then Steven and Donna’s Daughter Danielle and her boyfriend stopped dressed as Sumo Wrestlers.


My aunt made 6 pies, 1 was ricotta pumpkin, 1 ricotta and 4 pumpkin pies, fudge cupcakes, gingerbread brownies, and cookie’s and candy. For diner we had homemade bean or chicken noodle soup and for the entree sausage and peppers with provolone cheese, olives, hot peppers and chips.

For drinks we had chocolate martini’s, wine, coffee and cousins Dean’s homemade blueberry basil cillo. It was nice to spend the holiday with them, we laughed and talked about what all of us were doing, Donna is a School Teacher, Steven is the lead singer in The Nobody Band and the entertainer in the family and master chef. (I’ll be over Christmas Eve) Dean is a seasoned brewmaster and DJ, Amy is a hairstylist, Joanne a master accountant and my son Anthony is in college.  That’s our holiday in the Woods!

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