November Movie Guide – by Meg Corcoran

November has found its way to our quiet, colorful paradise and with it, an entertaining range of beach loving, holiday-seeking characters with Great Expectations for a perfectly great break from reality. Included in their remarkable but realistic expectations is a picture-postcard setting only nature (and Wildwood) could inspire. With the “stage” set for close-up moments and the sun hovering magnificently over the sea, they’re thrilled to discover their movie-star looks even further illuminated. Beside that illuminating sea, The Hunger Games: (are) Catching Fire, cooling even the frostiest air while setting off fireworks of the cinematic kind. Settling into their explosive scene, they quickly come to realize that miracles happen along the coast, including major personality changes.


The Wolf of Wall Street, never one to share the wealth, finds himself traveling down a generous path, leading the way toward bay, beach, and boardwalk moments he uncharacteristically shares with his costars. Also changing his greedy ways is The Book Thief, keeping busy taking notes on the action occurring on every sandy corner for a future bestseller-turned-blockbuster.

The hardworking, family-oriented Delivery Man promises to deliver all the happy news on our latest holiday events to the poor Hollywood folks too busy posing for the camera to make the trip. Our lucky fall visitors recall their unfortunate Last Vegas vacation, which doesn’t compare to their first trip to Wildwood, where everyone walks away a winner (without gambling away their memories or their money). Their “winning walks” include the most charming view for everyone, including the lesser-known stars, who find kinship and inspiration abound on our award-winning beaches. After surfing in on the coolest wave, the Oldboy feels like a kid again. Our kid-at-heart hero Thor: (considers himself far removed from) The Dark World among our sunlight and surf and vows to rescue his comrades from dark days (otherwise known as films that bomb).

Following a Thanksgiving feast fit for the biggest stars, and a two-mile boardwalk jaunt to walk off all those unattractive pounds the camera can’t hide, the gang gets to work on their Christmas wish lists, which are strangely longer than their typical scripts. Time spent so close to Heaven reminds them it truly is better to give than to receive, sending them along the sandy trail leading to Pacific Avenue and beyond for some holiday shopping.

Feeling warm and cozy beneath our starry skies, our November characters are reluctant to end their (east) coastal days and wish to be Frozen in time (and preserved at a youthful age). The captivating crew eventually realizes that time passes on, but luckily each fleeting moment conjures its own memories-in-the-making. Knowing it’s About Time to create seaworthy memories of their own, and with gift-giving season upon us, our starry-eyed troupe give themselves the gift of an extended, seaside retreat.       Now, if only a shore-loving Santa would make an early, guest-starring appearance in a town thankfully featuring the most gifted stars…

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