I say goodbye again – to friends for only one summer

I have spent every summer since 1960 in North Wildwood, my first job on the island was on a Fudgy Wudgy Ice Cream Truck in Wildwood crest for Beanie Scull and his wife Ruth,  I worked with George Greenland he was the driver and I served  the Ice Cream, I was 14 years old and made $5.00 a day which was not a bad days pay with penny candy stores on pacific ave, and I have made friends working for the Morey’s at the Ocean Holiday in Wildwood Crest in 1975 and then again every summer.

This time of year it is always goodbye to people I will see next year, and some I will never see again, I said goodbye this year to the Dunkin Dounts crew from Bulgaria and Russia,  I say goodbye to the same people that stay at the motel every year for 30 years.. and now I say goodbye to their kids and grand kids,  I say goodbye to my good friend  Nick tonight who was with me in Venezuela in 1979,  I say goodbye to  the clown in the dunk tank,  goodbye to the tramcars,  goodbye to Gigi,  goodbye to John, Gus and Tony from Olympic Flame restaurant, goodbye to Cappy who is the commander of the boardwalk clean up crew, goodbye to Leon the T-Shirt king,  goodbye to the crew at Sam’s Pizza., goodbye to the crew at Harry Corner, goodbye to Tony and Debbie Franconi’s from Franconi’s Restaurant, goodbye to Danny from the beach taxi, goodbye to Bob from Dairy Queen,  goodbye to Tony from Fishers,  goodbye to Steve,  Dave and George from Snow Whites,  goodbye to Ed from Ed;s Funcade,  goodbye to the crew at Five Mile Market Place, good bye to Andy Weiner from Splash Zone,   goodbye to Gary and Sissy from Shooters Old time Photos, goodbye to hot summer nights and sunny summer days, goodbye to Morey’s Piers and the Water Parks, goodbye to the best beaches in the world, goodbye to big waves and girl in bikini’s, goodbye to boardwalk nights, GOODNIGHT TO THE FILMING OF BOARDWALK 2, goodbye to America’s Boardwalk,  goodbye to summer sunrises and sunsets, good bye to summer love !!


We will miss you !! until the summer of 2013 when I start the hello’s with old friends again and make new ones, even for just one summer, then we say goodbye and even though we may never meet again, we will see each other forever on Facebook !!

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