Longtime educator, business administrator to retire in June

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By : Lauren Suit

– Greg Rohrman’s last day of school will be June 30.


The Dennis Township resident is retiring and headed to warmer weather after 20 years as Wildwood Crest’s Board of Education’s business administrator and six years as the Wildwood Board of Education’s administrator.


“I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” Rohrman told school board members on Jan. 18. “The Wildwood district is a great place, but its just time for me to go.”

Rohrman said his wife Susan, who had worked as the district’s director of curriculum, retired last year. The couple wants to move to coastal North Carolina to be closer to their son and new granddaughter.

Superintendent Dennis Anderson and Rohrman have worked together for 20 years.

“All the days we spent together were good,” Anderson joked. “But some days were better than others.”

Anderson said that Rohrman was “a unique business administrator because he wasn’t just a numbers cruncher.

“He took on a number of grant initiatives that brought money into the district and his knowledge of school facilities and upgrades are second to none,” Anderson said.

Anderson also credited Rohrman with bringing updated technology to the Wildwood district.

“Before Greg arrived in Wildwood, many people wouldn’t use the email because it was so unreliable,” Anderson said. “He infused new technology in all the buildings.”

But Anderson said that Rohrman worked the hardest to ensure a good learning environment for the students and staff.

Rohrman had experience as both an administrator and a teacher.

“Because I came from working in a classroom, I guess I had a different perspective than most,” Rohrman said.

Before he came to the Wildwood Crest district, Rohrman was a teacher at Middle Township. He taught a computers course and consumer economics for 10 years.

“I got into education because I enjoy doing works that helps kids,” he said.

Rohrman said that while he was working for as a teacher his help was needed in the business office with their computer systems. That led to a business administrator job.

“I had a knack for it and I figured I could do some good work in that position,” he said.

Rorhman then worked in the Wildwood Crest school district as the business administrator, a position he held for 20 years. When Wildwood and the borough inked a shared service agreement for the business administrator six years ago, Rohrman worked with both districts.

Rohrman said that one of the projects he thinks of as a major accomplishment is grant projects and improvement to the school buildings. Rohrman said the Wildwood Crest school building has had three additions since during his tenure.

“What I’m proud of is helping the kids and teachers and making sure they get what they need,” he said.

No replacement has been decided on and Rohrman said that the Wildwood and Wildwood Crest shared service committee would start discussion on filling the position in February.

Rohrman offered his replacement a bit of advice, “Enjoy it.”

“This isn’t just an accountant’s job. You are doing good work, work that helps kids,” he said.


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