Morey’s Ferris Wheel -Light Up YOUR Life

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We’ve installed a new, state of the art energy efficient LED lighting package on the Giant Wheel. The new lights, capable of infinte colors and hundreds of patterns, will illuminate the Wildwoods like never before!


Want a sneak peak? Rumor has it light testing will start in the first two weeks of February. If you’re in the area. you might get a glimpse !!


NEW for 2012!



The Sea Dragon was replaced with a brand new model which we’re calling RipTide and theming as a Wildwood lifeguard boat.

Surfside Pier is getting two new rides- Happy Feet, a swing-like kiddie ride that seats 12 and Kang’A’Bounce, a family ride which harnesses up to 16 riders into bouncing kangaroo themed seats.

We’re also improving our menus. Jumbo’s and Joe’s will now serve fresh local produce sourced from New Jersey farms!