Lunch With ‘The Tramcar Girl’

By Boardwalk Bob Ingram

Saturday … Just back from a delightful lunch with Blogmate Tony Deutsch and “The Tramcar Girl” herself, Anne Blake, at Adams Restaurant on the Boardwalk where our waitress was the inimitable Tammy herself.

I call Anne “The Tramcar Girl” because she actually has the tramcar tattooed on her back, along with the words and music to “Love Those Wildwood Days.” Cool, indeed; makes more sense than a lot of the tat art nonsense that is going on today, all sleeves and excess.

Anyhow, Anne, like so many others Tony and I meet on our travels through the Wildwoods, has been coming here since infant-hood and is and always will be totally in love with the place. And the Tramcar on her back gives substance to that deep-felt emotion. A single mom with a daughter going off to college, Anne will be getting married soon and plans to bring the wedding party to the reception at Adams in – natch – the Tramcar itself, no doubt piloted by Tramcar majordomo himself, Gigi, who posed with us before lunch.

Anne’s going to be in the Boardwalk documentary we’re shooting now because how could we pass up a tattoo of the one singular symbol of these fabled Boards? Also, she’s a true Wildwooder.

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