One of the Best Hidden Beaches in the Country is in New Jersey!

This island is only accessible by boat and is packed by wildlife. A survey said it was one of the best hidden beaches in the country.

The Sedge Islands is located In The Barnegat Bay and is a pristine wetlands area that teems with wildlife. Paddle through the sedges and see the largest Osprey colony in New Jersey along with many other species of birds. The easiest way to get here is to park in one of the lowest parking areas within Island Beach State Park, bring your cartop launched boat towards the bay, and head west towards the islands.

In 1978, Sedge Island was owned by Walter “Wally” McBeth, who tried to settle there with his wife and two daughters. He planned to build a small airstrip but this did not happen. He did however set up an unsuccessful sheep farm, first with a hut that he floated onto the island, and then a prefabricated house, which has three bedrooms.

In 1985, it was acquired by David Hawksworth, who has owned it ever since.

More info here > Sedge Island Natural Resource Education Center (

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