Online Credit Cards Make Paying a Breeze in Wildwood

WILDWOOD – Property owners throughout this city will now be able to pay tax, water and sewer bills with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a credit or debit card. The city recently added the cutting-edge technology that will allow for on-line or in-person credit card payments for tax and utility bills.

“Our goal in bringing this technology to our Department of Revenue was to make it easier for people to pay their bills,” said Commissioner Pete Byron. “Many of our taxpayers do not live in the area and it is sometimes difficult for them to receive their bills and to make payments in a timely fashion.”

The newest technology allows local property owners to not only see their bills online, but to pay them via credit or debit card.

“The advantage of paying on line is the convenience,” said Jodie DiEduardo, a senior vice president of Crest Savings Bank. “You can pay your bill any time of the day or night.”

Access to an account can be obtained by visiting the City of Wildwood’s website, and clicking on the link “Tax, Sewer & Water Account Inquiry & Online Payments.” Once basic information is entered, customers will be connected to a secure server where credit card payments can be made. A small convenience fee will be added to each transaction. Visa customers will be charged $3.95 and other credit card users will be charged 2.95 percent of the total payment.

The option to use a credit or debit card may be a boon for some property owners. Those with cash back cards may find themselves offsetting part of their municipal financial liability with a credit card rebate check or travel points. Those who cannot pay their entire tax, water or sewer bill at the time it is due may find it easier to put the payment on their credit card and space it out over a longer period of time.

In addition to online payments for taxes, water and sewer bills, property owners may also opt to use a credit card but pay their bills in person. Several credit card machines have been installed inside City Hall.

“You can still walk into the tax, water and sewer offices in the City Hall building and make a payment,” Byron said.

A credit card machine was also installed in the city clerk’s office. Licenses, permits and other pertinent documents may be paid for in person by credit card, but are not available online.

“We’ve had a great response from people using their credit cards online to pay their tax and utility bills,” Byron said. “We’re live and people have been using it. This is a huge step in making Wildwood even more user-friendly for our taxpayers.”

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