Rio Grande Movie Theater Could Open By Jan 2020

Back in May we announced that Frank’s Rio Theater closed for good and that a new theater would be coming to the location in the future

According to the Cape May Herald, construction on the property will start sometime this week. South State, Inc was awarded $4.3 million to work on the exterior of the building and it’s surroundings including the parking lot, sidewalks, fire services, sewers and landscaping. The construction should be finished by February 2020.

County Counsel Jeffrey Lindsay announced that a proposal for a movie theater was received and if approved could be open for business by January 2020. The company wishes to be anonymous until everything is final. 

The timeline for the other businesses in the building include Tractor Supply Dec 2019, veterans’ clinic April 2020 and Gov offices by Aug 2020.

A presentation on the Rio projects will be held Oct. 8 at 5:30 p.m.

Bu Joey Contino

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