The Boardwalk Blog @ on track to reach 1 million visitors by the summer of 2013.

This blog was founded in Sept of 2011 by Bob Ingram and Tony Deutsch, and in only 18 months they already have over 900,000 visitors, the Boardwalk Blog with it’s great photos, local news and events has been a hit with locals and visitors alike.

This year they will be releasing their new Wildwood. NJ documentary:

Boardwalk II: Back to Wildwood, the sequel to the well-received 2004 documentary, Boardwalk: Greetings from Wildwood By-the-Sea, which has been aired frequently on PBS, is undergoing final editing, and will be available for the 2013 summer season.

And they will also have a new feature, The Daily Video Blog, during the summer of 2013 they will be reporting LIVE every day from The Wildwoods with current news, weather report and events.

Buy the summer of 2013 they are targeted to reach 1 million visitors, the 1 million visitor will receive s special surprise and have a blog written about them. When you want current daily new, events, photos and videos from The Wildwoods.. there is no other source that can deliver like the Boardwalk Blog.

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