The real reason why people are drawn to Donald Trump and how Obama created him!

Donald Trump has sparked a flame with ” We the People.”

Because people that support Trump don’t do it because they like Trump. It’s because they dislike the Democrat and Republican establishments who have repeatedly turned their backs on Wall Street and Bernie Madoff, the borders, terrorist, Israel, the police and ” We the People”

The people blame the Republicans who cannot nominate a strong candidate for 8 years but can get together in a few days to make themselves look like fools attacking their front runner and the only person who can beat Clinton. Here’s a news flash for you.. The people don’t like you either!

The people are sick of this country being sold out to special interest and lobbyist. They are drawn to Trump like a magnet because they see him as the only hope for change in this country and someone who will shake Washington like a rag doll!

People are happy the republicans are panicking because the know a vote for Trump is a vote against the people they blame for the disgrace this country has turned into, and believe this might be the last and only chance to get their country back!

I really like John Kasich and he is the most qualified and a stand up soft spoken person, but people don’t look at him as someone who will bring change.

When it’s all over, the Circus ends and the smoke has cleared Donald Trump will be the next president!

Blame it on the establishments and Obama, They created him!

For the record I support Donald Trump for President!

Tony Deutsch

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