The Tramcars start running this week, May 3rd. Read about my dinner with Gigi last night.

The Wildwood Boardwalk Tramcars start running this week. Gigi is back in town and he tells he the tramcars are ready to May 3rd.

Last night we meet with Gigi for dinner. He wanted to take us out for our anniversary.  We meet Gigi at The Dog Tooth in Wildwood about 5 pm. When we arrived Gigi was already there and the hostess gave us a table right away, the bar was full and some people were waiting outside.

We had a great time talking about this coming summer, and what’s going on with both of us.

Gigi’s beautiful wife and our good friend Barbara passed away and this will be his first summer without her. We talked about how he was doing and told him to call us if he needs anything.

We love to spend time with Gigi and enjoy a great dinner with him. (we had dessert also)

Look for Gigi and all the tramcar girls and guys starting  May 3rd as the famous saying ” watch the tramcar please” rings out across the Wildwood boardwalk again!

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