The Wildwoods Cozy Morley Passes Away at the age of 87

Cozy Morley  a legend in The Wildwoods hasn’t performed in years, he owned the Club Avalon in North Wildwood where a statue of him stands today at the place of the Club Avalon.Cozy MorleyI saw Cozy many times, he was a good friend of my uncle Nick Guzzone and always called him “Gus” they played golf together and were good friends.. one day Nick and I ran into Cozy and he started telling us jokes… the same ones he told us for many years.. and they were still just as funny as the first time I heard them.

Back in the 70’s Cozy was on one corner and The Red Garter on the other, you could see Mike “Al Jolson” Gallo or Steve “Milky” Lawyler at the Red Garter and then see Cozy across the street, both clubs has no AC and were hot boxes with people packed in till there was no standing room, those were some great times I will always remember.

Tonight we remember Cozy Morley, his corny jokes, plays his banjo or clarinet or ocarina, dances a Mummer’s strut, or sings a song older than dust, invisible bubbly hearts hover all over the room. Thanks for all the great times, the laughs, the friendship, and the comedy you brought to this island for over 50 years, another legendary voice is silenced.

We will never forget you!!





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