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There’s a special feeling you get when you visit the Wildwoods – Wildwood NJ, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood. Maybe it’s the invigorating feel of the salt air on your face or the inviting aroma of freshly made funnel cake. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia evoked by strolling our famous NJ Boardwalk, with its carnival-like atmosphere that’s so reminiscent of those carefree childhood vacations. Or maybe it’s just the sense that here, the Good Old Days are still very much alive and well. Whatever it is, it’s been drawing millions of visitors to this five-mile-long, family-friendly Island for generations.

The Wildwoods at the Jersey Shore…
The Fun Is Always in Full Swing

Directions to the WildwoodsWith so many choices for the entire family, the fun never stops in the Wildwoods! No other resort community in America offers the array of attractions, Wildwood shopping venues, Wildwood restaurants, historic sites and outdoor fun. Day or night, on our expansive free beach, the electrifying Boardwalk, the neon-lit boulevards or surrounding area, there’s always something to see and do in the Wildwoods. Voted one of Time.com’s 50 Authentic AmericanExperiences, it’s no wonder that so many families return to The Wildwoods and create lifelong memories year after year.

Wildwood New Jersey Boardwalk and Hunt’s Starlight Ballroom 1959

Wildwood New Jersey 1958-1969


Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Next Vacation

  • Two Miles of Smiles: the incomparable two-mile Wildwood Boardwalk features three action-packed Jersey Shore amusement piers with more rides and attractions than Disneyland – including six world-class roller coasters and the most family and kiddie rides at the Jersey Shore. The Wildwoods Boardwalk was recently named one of the nation’s Top Ten American Boardwalks by Sherman’s Travel.
  • Five miles of powdery-white sand New Jersey beaches, the largest on the East Coast. Named among America’s 10 Best Beaches by the Travel Channel, and New Jersey’s Best Beaches by the Marine Sciences Consortium, come discover why the Wildwoods’ beaches are among the world’s best – and they’re FREE!
  • The country’s highest concentration of mid-century architecture is here in the Wildwoods –including the colorful Doo Wop style popularized in the ‘50s & ‘60s (the focal point of an award-winning summertime bus tour).

Discover what over 9 million visitors experience each year … the East Coast’s most unique beach resort … The Wildwoods: Wildwood, North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, in Cape May County, New Jersey.

Wildwood New Jersey Boardwalk- Tram Car and Hunt’s Flyer Roller Coaster 1971

Wildwood New Jersey 1971



Wildwood, New Jersey Brief History:
In 1609, the English Navigator Henry Hudson was seeking a new route to China. He entered the Delaware Bay on August 28, and realizing that the inlet was not the Northwest Passage, he rounded his boat, the “Half Moon” , northward and watched the waves break on a broad, sandy beach of great beauty.
This land was the 1.8 mile stretch of beach that is now called “Five Mile Beach”. Originally frequented by the Lenni Lenape Indians, this land was eventually granted to The Duke of York in 1664. In 1717, a small group of investors acquired the land, which was for many, many decades used for farming purposes. It wasn’t until 1870 that a few fishermen became the first white settlers and named the land “Angelsea”.
In 1874, a railroad was laid from Cape May to Angelsea. At this time, a bridge was also constructed to allow horse & buggies access to the island.
By 1905, the land of Angelsea had been purchased by investors and had begun to grow. Angelsea, along with a few surrounding beaches, were incorporated into a “sister community” of The Wildwoods, comprising North Wildwood, West Wildwood, Wildwood City and Wildwood Crest.
Situated thirty miles south of Atlantic City, the five-mile island of The Wildwoods grew into a major resort town by the 1950’s. Wildwood boasts the largest collection of mid-century architecture in the United States, now labeled “Doo-Wop Architecture”. The World-Famous Boardwalk, built at the turn of the century, consists of more than 70,000 planks and stretches for nearly two miles, or 37 city blocks. Wildwood beaches, by far some of the largest on the East Coast, have been on many “best of” lists, including the Travel Channel’s “Best Beaches” show and Conde Naste’s “Best Sports Beach” list.
During the off-season, Wildwood has approximately 5,400 residents. The population swells to over 250,000 people in summer. Wildwood remains a great family resort town with plenty to offer all types of visitors. With pristine beaches, crystal clear water and amusements for the whole family, Wildwood is a perfect mix of excitement and relaxation, so when you visit be sure to ride the Wildwood Boardwalk Tramcar and you will hear the most famous saying in new jersey ” watch the tramcar please”
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