We are looking for Guest Bloggers, want to be one?

The Boardwalk Blog is looking for Guest Bloggers, are you interested? If you have spent vacation time in Wildwood, or you have been coming here for years like many other generation have and you would like to tell a few stories about your time spent at the shore, you are the perfect person to be a Guest Blogger.

Did you fall in love one summer?  do you love Wildwood?  does you family have a summer home here?  did you work on the Wildwood Boardwalk?  do you have great memories about spending time in Wildwood? Did you get married on the Wildwood Boardwalk or Beach?   Whatever memories you have about being in The Wildwood’s we would love to hear from you, and have you be a Guest Blogger


You can contact me by texting to 609-849-8848 or call and leave a message, we will take the first 3 people who contact us as the Guest Bloggers !! Contact us today !!

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