Wildwood Boardwalk Voted the #1 Boardwalk in NJ

Wildwood NJ 8/21/2012

The Wildwood , NJ Boardwalk has been voted  the #1 Boardwalk in NJ, after 1 month of voting on watchthetramcarplease.com we are proud to announce that 146,000 people voted  and Wildwood’s Boardwalk finished first, the choices were between Ocean City, Asbury Park, Atlantic City, Sea Side Heights and Wildwood.


Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk is described by my blog-mate Bob Ingram as “2 miles of magic” with  3 Morey  Amusement Piers, restaurants, games, stores, and of course the world famous Wildwood Boardwalk Tramcar !!

Thanks to everyone who voted in our survey  and we were surprised at how many people voted, and 92% of them love the Wildwood Boardwalk so Congratulations to them and Happy 100th birthday to the City of Wildwood, NJ.

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