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We can help you choose the best hotel to spend your vacation at this summer in the Wildwoods!


Hi my name is Tony Deutsch, I Have lived and worked on the island of The Wildwoods since the 1960’s. I know the people who built these motels and worked at many of them in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Since my business, Anthony Deustch Technology has installed and worked on Wifi, cameras, audio, alarm systems, access controls and computer repairs in many of the motel and hotels in The Wildwoods I have an inside look at them and can tell you the best place to stay for your budget.

I can tell you what are the best oceanfront properties to the best mom and pop motels to stay at in The Wildwoods.

Don’t beleive all the reviews you read on review websites, everyone knows they are are manipulated and not always a true overall honest way to pick a place for you and your family to stay. Are the photos on their website current or years old? This is where I can give you my honest recomendations as a local for over 40 years that you won’t get anywhere else.

Are you looking for a hotel close to or on the boardwalk? Maybe an oceanfront motel? Maybe you’re looking for a hotel with indoor and outdoor pools, full gym, bar and restaurant? Maybe your looking for a budget motel. We can also tell you the places that have the best WiFi. I can help you choose the right place for your family vacation.

We can give you an honest review so you don’t end up at a property with a lot of fake reviews in a undesirable neighborhood blocks from the beach and boardwalk.

Email me at infowatchthetramcarplease@gmail.com

The Bolero Resort Open all Year with Indoor/Outdoor Pools, a full gym, Suna, Hot Tubs and a Beautiful Bar and Restaurant. Located in the heart of Wildwood only 1 block fro the World Famous Boardwalk and Beaches. www.boleroresort.com
The Adventurer Oceanfront Inn. Located directly on the beach at the south end on the boardwalk. Visit them online here> Adventurer Oceanfront Inn | Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260 | Wildwood Hotel (adventurerinn.com)

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