Wildwood Police release shocking body camera footage Emily Weinman assaulting police and this blogger goes off on her.

Today Wildwood, NJ Police released footage of a crazy woman attacking police, cursing at them and kicking them.

This was after she violated her probation in Pennslyvania and admitted she was in possession of alcohol underage on a NJ beach.  The police stopped her after noticing alcohol in her possession and after they found out it was unopen they were going to let her go until she asks them don’t you have better things to.

The answer is YES the Wildwood NJ, Police do have better things to do than babysit your stupid parole violating, police assaulting, pig calling, spitting resisting arrest dumb ass.  We never sent you a written invitation to come here and terrorize our police and beach.


Screenshot Emily Weinman attacking a WPD officer and shutting off his body cam

The police did what they were trained to do, they don’t know if she has a gun or a knife in her possession maybe she’s was wanted felon.

If she was my daughter I would put her on Facebook LIVE, slap her in the back of the head and make her apologize to the Wildwood, NJ Police, the Mayor and Commissioners and the citizens of this community for attacking police, kicking them and resisting arrest.

I can only speak for myself,  I have lived here for 43 years and Wildwood, NJ has the greatest close community small town feel of anywhere on earth. We’re a family community with generations of our kids and grandkids growing up here. Everyone knows everyone or is related to them.

Guess what, we don’t have this problem  99% of the summer and all offseason. Just when these type of people invade the town thinking they can do whatever the hell they please like attacking our officers.

People are calling and sending emails saying they aren’t coming here this summer now. I can only speak for myself, but if you’re going to act like this crazy woman or you think she was right, I don’t want you here.. period,  you’re the people who give us a bad name and terrorize our police and city. Do me a big favor and go somewhere else, we are proud of our police, fire and city and the family town we have been for over 100 years.


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