The Story Behind The Cape May Point Ghost Tracks.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Ghost Tracks on the beach at Cape May Point. When I was a kid, it was a magnesite plant. After it was closed in 1983, the local kids used it as a go kart track before they fenced it off and closed access to the property. So, here’s the story, in the 1920’s The Cape May Sand and Gravel Company that at one time had a sand processing plant at Sunset Beach that used trains to hall sand to the gravel company.

The Cape May Sand Plant operated on Sunset Boulevard at the entrance to Cape May Point for many years until closing in the 1920s. The company, run by George and Betty Patinee, was noted for uncontaminated sand whose grains were uniform in size. Workers dug the sand, hauled it away for delivery, then awaited the next tide to replenish their supply. In 1941 Harbison-Walker Refractories, a division of Dresser Industries, built a Magnesite Plant on part of the old sand-plant property. The magnesite, which is used to make fire bricks, was extracted from the sea water. The plant closed in 1983. The property is now owned by the state and is part of the Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area. 

The photo below shows The Sunset Beach Gift Shop on the bottom left/center when the magnesite plant was there until they closed in 1983.

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