City of Wildwood 4th of July Tim McGraw Concert showed the city at it’s best!

So, everyone kept saying ” we need another Chesney concert” and last night was the night all your dreams came true! Tim McGraw rocked this town just like Chesney and the City of Wildwood shined as it showed that they can handle a large all day venue on the 4th of July and make it all happen with no problems.

Look at how clean the City of Wildwood, NJ beach is the day after the Tim McGraw concert.

Photo By: Tom Alvarado

Photo By: Tom Alvarado



It was a great crowd of mostly young adults who were perfectly behaved. I talked to and took photos with some of them. It was a fun crowd with people happy to celebrate the 4th of July!

Let’s give the Mayor Ernie Troiano, Commissioner Anthony Leonetti and especially Commissioner Pete Byron for their hard work in making this all happen. Including all the city workers who never get the praise they deserve for everything they do, but complaints flow like the ocean!

If the beach is a mess we report it because it bothers us, we took some heat for it and so did the city even thought they did nothing wrong except clean it up.

So when they have a country music superstar like Tim McGraw preform a concert on the 4th of July with over 30,000 people on the beach at one time in a 3 block area and there are no issues I think we should recognize them when they shine!

By Tony Deutsch

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