Welcome SanMan Property Sanitation Management to The Wildwoods.

To the Curb…and Back”

SanMan proprietors Joe Pannullo and Dave Gillespie introduce property owners in the Wildwoods to their trash management services!

Is getting the trash and recyclables bins to and from the curb for weekly pickup a hassle for you?  Perhaps you are not there during the week—or you have renters in the property. We learned from local realtors about the lack of consistency and conformity for weekly household trash management and the need for a solution to this ongoing problem.

SanMan’s services resolve this issue. The evening prior to pickup days, we bring the bins to the curb and then take them back to the yard the following day after they have been emptied.  In addition, SanMan ensures that household trash and recyclable materials are separated in accordance with municipality requirements–and all bins are maintained on a regular basis.  Property owners never have to worry about getting frantic calls from renters demanding that the trash left behind from prior tenants be removed immediately; owners who are on the premises for the weekend only need no longer worry about getting the bins out during the week.

Call us today to set up services for the season, or for the year!

We are happy to be now serving the Wildwoods along with Cape May and Lower Township.

Contact Joe on 609-602-0908, or via email at:


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