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The History and Future of Seaport Pier in North Wildwood, New Jersey

The first structure at 22nd St. and the boardwalk was the Ocean Point Pier. It was built in 1930, was a 300 ft. long fishing, and was home to the North Wildwood Fishing Club. It housed a bait stand on the ocean side and a pavilion midway on the pier. The Great Nor’easter of 1962 destroyed the pier. The club raised money and rebuilt it. Due to the changing tides and beach length, it failed as a fishing pier.

In 1987, the pier was knocked down and by 1988 it was rebuilt as Seaport Village, housing many a shop and entertainment areas. 2004 was the last time the pier was opened. In 2008, the pier was demolished. The N.W. police had a presence there as well as a rest station for visitors.

Today, Seaport Village will transform into a year-round destination called Seaport Pier. It will house an upscale coffee bar, restaurant, swim club and a small concert area venue. Approved by the planning board, the construction should begin in early 2018, with an open date in late May 2018.

All content and photos courtesy of the Wildwood Historical Society

New Hotel in Wildwood, NJ to Open in 2018 where the Wildwood Diner once stood.

The former lot where the famous Wildwood Diner stood at 4001 Atlantic Ave will have a new hotel built on the property pending final approvals in 2018. The diner hadn’t been open since operating sporadically in 2005a and was demolished 

It was composed of two main sections, an original O’Mahoney in 1957 which was soon after fronted by a larger rare Superior Dining Car Company unit. The interiors of stainless, sturdy formica and terrazzo were still in excellent condition. The deco stainless and turquoise exterior still gleaming brightly and solid after 50 years.The main diner was a 16′ x 54′ stainless steel Jerry O’Mahony Diner built in the 1950s. A vestibule and two dining room areas were added onto the original diner in the early 1960s. The 5 section diner seats 127 customers, 110 booth seats and 17 counter stools.  It was for sale for only $5,000 in “as is where is” condition after October 31, 2005.The diner came complete with all furniture and all equipment.



The new hotel will be called The Paradise, it will be an interior corridor hotel, 3 floors high with an elevator, large pool, and deck.

The hotel will have large 3 bedroom family rooms and offer FREE hot breakfast. The newest hotel in Wildwood will break ground sometime early 2018 and be completed in late 2018 if everything goes as planned. The company building and operating the hotel owns 8 other hospitality properties at the Jersey Shore.

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The Wildwood Boardwalk Ambassador Gigi was in The Woods today and we had lunch!

Good evening Wildwoodians. After spending a day cleaning up my office papers, desk and working on my special effects videos for Christmas I received a text from Diane, Gigi’s daughter saying they were coming to Gigi’s house in North Wildwood today.

My wife Joanne was in the kitchen making pizzelles and I just finished setting up a CromeCast streaming device and ask her if she wanted to go out for lunch. I said let me text Diane and see what they’re doing and we meet up for a late lunch, snacks, and drinks at Dogtooth in Wildwood.

I sat next to Gigi, gave him a big hug and told him we loved him. He said to me ” how about Cappy passing? we spent a lot of years together up there on the boardwalk, over 20 years. he was a great guy” I said ” I’m sorry Gig, it’s gotta be hard losing your beautiful wife Barb and now Cappy” I hugged him and said “we’re gonna take care of you. I’ll wake you up every day at 3 pm” he started laughing.


I told his daughter Diane that maybe we can have 2 bronze statues of Cappy and Gigi sitting on a bench and people could sit between them and take photos, we all started laughing. Gigi told me he will be up on the boardwalk again this year running the tramcar. If you see him stop and say hello, he loves the people and visitors and you’ll make his day!

By Tony Deutsch

The Boardwalk Blog’s Wildwood Nostalgia Series #3 – Motels of The Wildwoods.

The Wildwoods have come a long way from the majestic homes and hotels of the 1800’s, the 50’s era DooWop, to the homes of today. The Anglesea Hotel was the first hotel in the borough of Anglesea, built in 1880, and destroyed by a fire 15 years later. In 1885, the Hereford House was built. Wildwood’s first hotel was The Inlet House, built in the 1880s on what is now Rio Grande Avenue.


We jump to the post-war boom that produced the “Doo Wop,” “Googie,” “Populux” futuristic architecture. The Caribbean Motel was built in 1957 by Lou Morey. It’s known for its curving “Jetson” ramp, crescent shape pool, the island’s first plastic palm trees, and the oversized rooftop neon sign. North Wildwood had the Chateau Bleu Motel built by Morey in 1962. It’s known for the Doo Wop architecture, heart-shaped pool, and large Marquee sign. Many more popped up all over the Wildwoods.

One more that stands out in my memory as being as luxurious as any Hollywood motel, was the Thunderbird Inn, est.1953. Now that was a destination! More on that in future posts. The tragedy is how rapidly many of the motels came down to make way for the condos of today.

If returning to the same rental, or your home, it was exciting to explore to find out if an item you hid or buried, from the year before was still there. The anticipation was exhilarating!


I bet your childhood memories revolve around the summers spent in the Wildwoods and the places you stayed. In pics and/or words, tell us about your stay and the memories you made.