Author: Tony Deutsch

Cat 4 Hurricane Florence swells could reach the East Coast by this weekend.

September 6, 2018

The Hurricane season in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, the hurricane season occurs from June 1 to November 30. September is the most active month and Florence is a Cat 4  in the Atlantic and as of Thursday, it was located 1,000 miles east-southeast of Bermuda, moving northwest. Hurricane Florence’s swells will hit the east coast by this weekend. Florence’s […]

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116 East Poplar has been torn down in Wildwood, NJ

August 27, 2018

Another one bite’s the dust! 116 East Poplar is the latest property to be torn down at the Jersey Shore town of Wildwood, NJ.  This island has seen property after property torn down to make way for new condos since 2001.          

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Here’s my blog about another great weekend in Wildwood. by Tony Deutsch

August 12, 2018

Saturday: I went to the Wildwood Historical Society to fix a computer issue and had a great time talking to Al Love who writes for the Sun by the Sea paper. We talked about the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on the island. When fishing was great and they would tow your boat out to the […]

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Notice – Wildwood, NJ George Redding Bridge is closed westbound due to a severe motor vehicle accident.

July 5, 2018

  Wildwood police are reporting the George Redding bridge is closed westbound due to a severe motor vehicle accident this morning.  Stay with us for updates on this story.

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Plane crashes on Coast Guard Base – Pilot missing- Watch Video

June 25, 2018

Yesterday there were multiple videos and a few pics of a plane flying like it was out of control, then it crashed on the US Coast Guard Base beach and the pilot is still missing. Video and photo’s by Tom Miceli, Samantha Haws, Brianna Lockwood, Scott Chambers and Ryan Stewart.  

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Wildwood Police release shocking body camera footage Emily Weinman assaulting police and this blogger goes off on her.

May 30, 2018

Today Wildwood, NJ Police released footage of a crazy woman attacking police, cursing at them and kicking them. This was after she violated her probation in Pennslyvania and admitted she was in possession of alcohol underage on a NJ beach.  The police stopped her after noticing alcohol in her possession and after they found out it was unopen they were going to let […]

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO and look inside the NEW Seaport Pier in North Wildwood.

May 18, 2018

We have an exclusive look at the inside of the NEW Seaport Pier! In this video we can show you the inside and outside of this great new pier. After years of sitting there empty, the North Wildwood boardwalk will come alive this summer with this great new attraction.  

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Breaking News – The former Fairview Club has removed it’s XXX Signs as requested by the city.

May 17, 2018

The former Fairview Club on Lincoln and Pacific Ave’s in Wildwood has remover it’s XXX signs as requested by the City of Wildwood. Social media blew up when people thought it was going to be a XXX Club. That’s not the truth, it’s is supposed to open as a Crab restaurant and the XXX was only part […]

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