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Keenan’s will be OPEN for the 2015 Irish Fall Festival!

Keenan’s Pub in North Wildwood will be OPEN for this years Irish Fall Festival. There is an old article going arond social media saying they are closed, it was from 2008 durung a suspension of their liquor license 7 years…

Where did the summer go? Lets take a look back. By Tony Deutsch

So here we are in the middle of September 2015. Seems like just yesterday I was getting ready for Easter. Where did the summer go?

7 27 2014 1

The weather this summer was hot with very little rain, a dream for businesses who live or die by the weather.

2015 gave us the new Kong ride and movie night returned to the beach and downtown.

We were introduced to Sunny, the new tramcar engine.


There were Zip Lines on the beach and Zorb balls.

North Wildwood open Henfey Park.


North Widlwood had ” Boots on the Beach” the 1st annual country music festival.

Chubby Checker’s musical icon lengend mural was unveiled last weekend.

Ernie, Pete Tony Chubby

It was a great summer in The Woods!

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The places, people and times I will never forget spending every summer in The Wildwoods!

I loved spending every summer here with my grandmother, mother and aunts. We went to the beach every day, boardwalk every night and had the best times of our lives. Remember… Hunt’s Pier, Zaberer’s Restaurant, Moore’s Inlet, The Starlight Ballroom,…

Blogging from the Jersey Shore. Tony Deutsch writes his first blog post in a while!

We’ll its been a long time since I have posted. It’s been a crazy busy year but I will be posting more often so stop back.

New Years Eve we made settlement on our new home. It’s my wife’s first single family home she can call her own. We have owned apt building, duplexes and commercial property but never a single family home.




Now that the summer is here I am so busy, that while I am on one job,  four more people call to book jobs. I am so happy that my customers refer me to others. I am all about customer service, anyone can do a job for you but I am all about service after the job is completed. I think that’s what my clients want, and I want to deliver.

Once spring arrived I loved getting out and seeing all the Wildwood boardwalk store owners getting their business ready. Now it’s summer and I am loving every minute of it.


I will be blogging more often so stop back and check out my post all you Wildwoodians!

See you in The Woods!

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Atlantic City tramcars are still using the voice of the Wildwoods tramcar sources tell The Boardwalk Blog.

Our sources tell us that Atlantic City’s tramcar operators are still using Wildwood’s voice of the tramcar. So I am going to surprise them soon and go to the AC boardwalk and record their tramcar voice and talk to the operators.


The boardwalk tramcar is unique to ONLY Wildwood and people for generation have loved and also been annoyed by the ” watch the tramcar please” voice.

Now the people who call The Wildwoods their first or second home are annoyed at the fact that someone would steal our beloved voice of our tramcar.

Legal has noting to do with it, it’s the moral and ethical thing to do!

Get your own voice for your tramcar.

This is not over by a long shot, we will continue to blog about this until they stop using the voice of Wildwoods tramcar.

To remember the Wildwood tramcar we are asking fans to post photos you have taken over the years of the Wildwood tramcar on our Facebook page at:

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City of Wildwood launches NEW mobile alert text messaging service.

The City of Wildwood has just launched a NEW mobile alert text messaging service for visitors, residents and homeowners.

wildwood sign textingNow you can receive mobile alerts about city information, upcoming events, emergency alerts, coupons and even direct text messages to your phone from Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano.

Join the NEW City of Wildwood text messaging service today!

Text – wildwoodnj to 313131

We store your information on a secure database server. No one has access to your data or your personal information.

For information on a text messaging service for you business contact:

Anthony Deutsch Computer Services @ 609-972-9021


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